About us

Our main aim is to develope and produce universal products for the vaccum cleaner spare part markets. By optimizing the assortment in the stores in order to reduce the neccesary display area and at the same time always have a quality product which is functional for the custormer and as result get a higher turnover at a reduced display area is our expertise.

Reservo AB is specialized in vacuum cleaner technology since 1983. We cooperate with Electrolux, Melitta and others that manufacture licensed versions of our products & we also cooperate directly with retailers which we guarantee the best possible price on our products.

Bo Mattsson – Founder

Back in the 1960’s, Bo Mattsson worked at Electrolux R&D department with focus on vacuums. In the1970’s he headed the technical department at Hugin (daughter company of Electrolux). In the early 1980’s he founded Reservo AB focusing on vacuum cleaner accessories.