Universal dust bag

The universal dust bag is already sold in more than thousands shops in Europe and has become a huge success as it solves a consumer problem and contributes to increased customer satisfaction. It is one of the best-selling dust bags in many of the bigger European retailers. It is not only appreciated among consumers but also by shop-personnel that can always offer an alternative without being experts on dust bags.

The universal dust bag is sold either as a complementing product within an existing range of dust bags or as the only dust bag in smaller shops. With the universal dust bag you can create a complete range consisting of the one to ten up to 50 best-selling bags yet still offer all consumers an alternative. At the same time it will not require too much shelves-space. The universal dust bag fits old as well new vacuum cleaner models on the market.

Today there are over 500 different models of dust bags in Europe and more are coming! The universal dust bag is an alternative for those consumers that might not find the right bag in the shop or might not know what kind of vacuum cleaner model they have. With new low-end cleaners on the market almost every day, it’s impossible to keep-up the after-sales market. The universal dust bag can fulfill consumers’ requirements until a more permanent solution is available.

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