Suction Power Gauge

Check the suction power, the most important function of the vacuum cleaner!​
Each sold vacuum cleaner has a label with its rated power in Watt. The connection between the suction power and the label rated power is that the label power shows the approximated power consumption while the suction power is the power of the air flow. The measurable suction power is the most important function of the vacuum cleaner, not the label rated power.


Universal Nozzle – Dustett

The Dustett nozzle is designed for alternately vacuuming of carpets and hard floors without the need of switch over. The Dustett nozzle has an unbroken front-nozzle, without disturbing wheels or leakage which reduces the dust pick-up. It has double rubber rakes for elimination of sedimented dust on hard floors. Fits existing cylindric and oval vacuum cleaner tubes.


Universal dust bag

The universal dust bag is already sold in more than thousands shops in Europe and has become a huge success as it solves a consumer problem and contributes to increased customer satisfaction. It is one of the best-selling dust bags in many of the bigger European retailers. It is not only appreciated among consumers but also by shop-personnel that can always offer an alternative without being experts on dust bags.